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Before you can register here on the website, you must first login to our network at PLAY.CROSSVALE.NET with your Minecraft character.

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Server / Website Rules

Network Rules

~ No Griefing unless specifically stated on the server's rule board.

~ No advertising of any type.

~ No Hacked Clients / X-Ray / Any mod that creates an unfair advantage.

~ No Inappropiate Builds.

~ No abusing glitches.

~ English only in General Chat.

~ No cursing in General Chat.

~ No harsh, racist, homophobic or discriminatory remarks AT ALL.

~ No harassing other Players or Staff.

~ No excessive use of caps in chat.

~ No spamming chat.

These are our general network wide rules.
Each server may have other rules of their own, and
some may mirror these. The main thing to remember is
to use common sense and be respectful.