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New Changes:
* In game ranks are setup on Towny and Skyblock
* Voting rewards removed
(this is against Mojangs EULA)

- Setup in game ranks on Prison

- Setup network wide vote reward
(This will be whenever the network has a set amount of votes in a day, week, or month, or however we set it up, all players online at that time will receive a reward)(This is how Mojang states voting can be rewareded)

Add server wide boosters to the donation web shop(Whenever a player buys a booster on a certain server, everyone that is online on that server will be able to get it also, this is still a WIP, we are open for suggestions)

There is more, but these are some of the key points at the moment.


In Game Ranks are in place for Members and above,
use caution there are no refunds.

And the new SellShop is active on Towny

Use /shop in the game to open the shops.
With all the talks from the Minecraft community on the Mojang EULA, Crossvale Network has decided to change up some things. For those of you that aren't familiar with whats going on here is the low down.

Starting around 2 or so months ago, Mojang began rolling out server blacklisting for servers that violate their End User License Agreement (EULA). The Blacklisting seemed random, but all in all it opened a lot of eyes of server owners and admins. One of those owners being me. So to stay on the good side of big brother and to give some change to the servers, we are going to be implementing the following.
(Some points are still being worked out)

1. All current Donor ranks have been removed from the web shop.
(All current Donors get to keep their ranks and perks)

2. The now old Donor ranks, Squire through Legend, will be available for all Member and higher ranked players to buy in game, with in game money.
(This will be on Towny, Prison, and Skyblock, along with any other survival server that we put on in the future)
(There is a catch, the ranks bought in game are not permanent, they will last for 1 week at which time they will expire and you can buy it or a different rank again for another week)

3. With the new in game ranking in place, we know it would be kinda tough to gain enough money for things, so we will be adding a sell shop to the servers so that you can make some more money, also remember the Jobs on Towny.

4. There will be more cosmetic perks added to the web shop, some examples are: Nicknames, Trails, Particles, and more.

5. Also in accordance to Mojangs rules, no individual rewards can be given out for voting. With that we are going to implement a cumulative vote reward, that once a certain amount of vote are received, whoever is online will receive the same reward, whether that be an item, kit, money, or some other type of reward.

This is just some of the...
**EDIT: The Network has been updated to Minecraft 1.10, please download the client to connect. If you have any issues please let a staff member know.

With the recent release of Minecraft 1.10, the great developers of Spigot have released Spigot 1.10

We never did a full update to 1.9 and we're currently using a protocol hack to allow 1.8-1.9 clients to connect to the network because we wanted to gauge what the players wanted. There was a lot of positive and negative feedback across the board on whether or not to stay on 1.8 or go to 1.9.

So with this latest update rolling out from Spigot, we are working to move the network to Minecraft 1.10. This is for a few reasons. With most Minecraft releases, a large portion of plugin developers do not update their plugins in an expedient manner, but with 1.10 being released only this week, a majority of those have already updated the plugins to work with it. Another reason is that eventually the older versions of Minecraft will not be supported much longer and we'll lose operability. We want to make an attempt to stay on top of things and keep a fresh network for the loyal players.

Please, if anyone has any issues during the time of upgrade, don't hestitate to let a staff member know. We will make all attempts to resolve it you.

Thanks ~Shovels
In about an hour from now Spigot should be releasing Buildtools for 1.9. Once I have it downloaded and the server files built we will be moving everything over to 1.9. This will cause some downtime in the process.

*** EDIT ***

There will be a delay in bringing the network up to 1.9, as there have been some things that were taken out this go around, that has broken some of the plugins that we use.
Welcome to our new website.

Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.

We are currently getting things back to order, as things didn't go as smoothly as expected with this transition, but its just bumps in the road.

We we be fully back up and running in no time.
At this time Mojang session servers are down, and preventing connection to servers.

You can check the status of all the Mojang Servers here:
Thanks for helping out with this new website design and aspect.

As I had mentioned in the skype message, this isn't a sure thing yet, there are still a lot of bells and whistles to go through and hopefully things will work out right.

Check out the forums, I'm making a new Forum close to the top for named "Website Beta-Testing", in there you can post anything that you notice, want, need, think we may need, errors, issues, and what not. Please don't hesitate to post. That is the only way we can move forward with this.

Right now I not going to assign any ranks to anyone on this website, that is just so we can do some testing with permissions and syncing issues.

Try everything you want to try on here, you won't break it.....

Thanks ~Shovels