If you have been on the website and looked around, you may notice a lot of changes in the layout. That's not all that is changing around Crossvale.

If the effort to make sure that we keep the network up and running, we are complying with Mojang's EULA, and changing the way that we give out donor perks. You can check out the web shop and see the new perks that are being given out, per each rank.

We understand that most players want things that allow them to play better and have an advantage over others, but according to Mojang that isn't allowed. So like I said, we are going all out and becoming EULA compliant. Mojang hasn't connected us in regards to how our old system was, but I have been in contact with Mojang and came to the understanding about what specifics are allowed and what is not. That is not saying that they won't change it again in the upcoming months.

I've added and have plans to add more, interesting and fun things to be able to do while online. Just some examples are SlimeFun, MythicDrops, MobArena(in the works), Player Market, Shops allowed inside of towns, Decorative heads, and more.

With that said, I hope that everyone that plays enjoys the experience, and we always welcome constructive feedback from the players to make Crossvale a better place.

15 Sep 2017, 05:51 0 | 1
Crossvale at this time is heading in a different direction. We are going to be keeping Towny and Creative. Along with adding some different worlds to Creative for different ranked players. We feel that by not having a wide range of servers with our staff spread out across all of them, we may be able to provide a better and more enjoyable environment for our players.

Some other things that are going to be changed is the way donor ranks are, and their labeling. Before we had ranks named Squire, Champion, Knight, and so on. These ranks are going to change to Warrior, Knight / Dame, Hero, Legend, Lord / Lady. Squire(old) > Warrior(new), Champion(old) > Knight(new), Knight(old) > Hero(new), Titan(old) > Legend(new), Noble & Legend(old) > Lord(new).

I hope this doesn't confuse everyone, its just a change up in the rank system to streamline things.

The creative plots in place now will stay for all players. There will be another plot world added for Donors, along with more plot worlds where players can purchase much larger plots to display their talents, and be able to prove their way to becoming a server builder.

There is more to come, please check back often.

21 Aug 2017, 19:52 0 | 2
Please bare with us, as we revamp the website, to make it more stream-lined, and user friendly.

21 Aug 2017, 00:04 0 | 2